About Fynnz Entourage

How we spent Over a Decade Bringing People's Happiest moments to life

Fynnz Entourage first started as humble event producers and party makers in 2008, previously known as Fynnz Media. With various support from the SAF and other corporate companies like Exxon Mobil & Riello UPS, many aspects of themes and concepts were learned and conceived for numerous activities that were hosted and organised.

With all our staff, the company has explored numerous avenues of entertainment and events management services.

Recently, we started planning weddings for all ethnic groups local and abroad, garnering raving feedback from fresh wedding couples.

Now Fynnz Entourage, a dynamic event company plans and executes various events and weddings for our clients, ensuring the success of every event.

Meet Chanel Fynn, founder of Fynnz Entourage.

She graduated from Murdoch University in Business Administration, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality.

Armed with more than a decade’s experience in event management, weddings & make-up expertise…

She will personally oversee each and every event, making sure it meets ultimate expectations.

Why Fynnz?

Bcuz we make it happen!

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