"A successful event opens many doors of opportunities for your company and your career.

But an insufficiently planned event not only hurts your reputation, it can even destroy your career and business."

If you are trying to organise a successful event by yourself, then you need to know this...

It’s important to ensure the event is scheduled and coordinated properly from the start, so that everyone enjoys themselves.

Events are the time (and the only time) for you to interact with your fellow partners beyond the usual job scope. Through events such as conventions, business travel and meeting, company retreats, tourism and exhibition, product launches, gala dinner, etc… you are building closer bonds at a higher level with important people and potential prospects.

But organising an event is no easy task.

You have to liaise with multiple vendors, plan your budget, coordinate with everyone’s schedules, schedule all activities… while you juggle with your daily tasks.

In fact, you will miss out something in the event planning if you are not experienced enough.

Imagine your actual company gathering had insufficient food for everyone, because you over-estimated the amount of food the catering service would deliver… That wouldn’t ring well with your boss or your business partners.

All you wanted was to enjoy a jolly good time with everyone.

Why should you even be stressed out about organising your event? You have way more important things to work on. It was never your specialty or work scope to be going through all the hassle of executing an event. 

And you should be enjoying your event with everyone!

Leave the hassle of organising your events to us. 

You just go in and enjoy your moment with everyone!

Fynnz Entourage handles all kinds of events from corporate to public sector, local to overseas.

Here’s a small list of big events we’ve successfully executed: 

  • Army Half Marathon
  • SAF Family Day & Unit Anniversaries
  • Riello UPS Distributor Meeting and Gala Dinner, Kuala Lumpur
  • NCHO Overseas Retreat, Cebu
  • Numerous Birthdays Parties
  • Geseaco Family Day, Ubin Adventure
  • Exxon Mobil Singapore
  • Chinese Heritage Foundation Charity Events for Schools & Hospitals
  • Roadshows to Promote Chinese Wedding Tradition

Riello UPS Ducati MotoGP Sepang, Kuala Lumpur 2011

Riello UPS Distributor Meeting and Gala Dinner, Singapore

Riello UPS Grand Opening, Singapore

NCHO Company Retreat, Phuket

Riello UPS Distributor Meeting and Gala Dinner, Bali

What Clients are Saying

Work done by her (Chanel Fynnz) & solely her ! Sucha awesome job! 5
Mahikhon Junior
Happy Event Client

Leave all the hassle of organising an event to Fynnz Entourage.

After all, we've been organising events successfully for over a decade. With Fynnz, we make it happen!

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