"A wedding is the biggest day of your life. It's should be the happiest day of your life, not the day you're most stressed out."

Calling all couples who are stressed out about coordinating their weddings and can't seem to get anything else done...

Is it frustrating trying to find the best venue for your wedding & trying to invite everyone?

Are you tired from liaising with food vendors, transportation, photographers & other logistics?

Is all the preparation making you so busy that you can’t do anything else?

What if you could just dump the entire task and just enjoy the best wedding of your life with your spouse?

You see your wedding is the biggest day of you and your spouse’s life. It is only crucial to get everything right and ensure you both have the happiest wedding ever.

But how do you plan your wedding when you don’t have the experience to handle all of its intricacies?

Perhaps you had been a bridesmaid or a groomsman. But how much do you know about the scenes that came beforehand?

Have you ever planned for a wedding?

Chances are, you never had the opportunity to get deeply involved in managing an entire wedding. Booking the entertainment, hiring the officiant, getting the florist to bring the flowers, and many more tasks you do not even know to expect. You are suddenly tasked with one of the most complex and important event of your entire life.

It’s not easy, and you know you can’t afford to mess this up either.

In fact, you will miss out something in the wedding planning if you do not have someone experienced to oversee everything.

Would you take on this crucial task with no experience…

Or leave it to a professional team who has been doing this for over a decade?

Leave it to Fynnz Entourage. We’ve been bringing together the best wedding moments for over a decade. From coordination of vendors all the way to make-up services, Fynnz Entourage covers everything you need to get your wedding running smoothly. 

It’s simple, really. Entrust your wedding preparation to a professional team. You just turn up for your wedding day and just get ready for one thing… enjoying the day with everyone else.

We’ve got everything covered.

We liaise with our network of vendors for destination weddings. We even handle hotels & flight reservations.

We provide make-up to make you look your best. Our make-up services extend to all events too such as Halloween & stage-shows.

We even have our own studio. Drop by our studio and you can pick your favorite dress or have your makeup done there.

Here’s a small taste of what we’ve provided for our wedding clients:

  • Local & Destination Weddings
  • Pre-Wedding Photoshoots
  • Rental of Wedding Gowns & Dresses
  • Make-up Services For All Brides
  • Wedding Showcases
  • SFX Make-up (Special Effects)
  • Venue Decoration & Catering Services
  • Wedding Gift Exchange
  • And Many More...

Saadnah & Sunjay’s destination wedding in Bali was a dream come true.

Check out Mae & Allan’s wedding that we’ve organised.

Haizil & Nur’Ain’s wedding was a sweet moment.

A memorable day with Sara & Kresna’s wedding.

Here’s a quick glance at Fynnz wedding studio.

We are proud to do the make-up for Mrs Singapore Classic 2015 & 2016 for 2 years straight.

More make-up in action.

What Clients are Saying

We both (Haizil & Nur'Ain) would like to thank Fynnz for helping us in our wedding on eve of Christmas and Christmas Day. We appreciate it a lot.

The food, the Decor, the DJ, the make-up artist. Overall the event went smoothly. Our greatest gratitude to Fynnz for making the event a memorable on our Special Day in our life.
Haizil & Nur'Ain
Happy Wedding Couple
I was totally satisfied with the gown (the Elsa dress) and with the white gown (the Isabelle dress) and red kua for my Chinese Tea Ceremony.

The make-up artist Chanel is very experienced, with over 15 years experience under her belt. Her day makeup was gentle and natural, her night makeup was stunning and glamourous. Hairstylist was professional too. I loved the two different hairstyles day and night.

Finally, the photographer was efficient and snapped over 600 photos and did enhanced edits too and presented them to us in a beautiful CD. Hubby looked dashing in his suit and white bow tie that day. Thank you, Fynnz!
Jennifer Koh
Wedding Dinner & Make-up Client
Chanel is absolutely brilliant! We were working on different time zones and that was never a problem! She not only created the event of our dreams, but also went above and beyond to ensure that our families are well looked-after! We are forever grateful for what you have done for us! Thank you Chanel!!!
Saadnah Naidu-Parmar
Destination Wedding Client, Bali

Leave all the Stress of Coordinating a Wedding to Fynnz Entourage.

After all, we've been in the industry successfully for over a decade. With Fynnz, we make it happen!

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